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The Humm Technology Animation is a 2D animated explainer video for Humm Technology’s product ‘The Humm Patch‘; a clinically proven wearable patch that improves your working memory.

Humm approached Studio Orange to create an animated explainer to visually reflect the benefits of their product. We used the metaphor of the Humm patch being like a conductor for the brain, in that it keeps everything in check.



Your brain is like an orchestra full of electric signals that together play a symphony that represents our thoughts and mental state. As we age, the orchestra finds it harder to play together, and the mental signs that aid our learning fall out of sync. This is when your brain’s Orchestra begins to play out of tune. That’s why we try to sleep well, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet. We also look for new ways to boost our brains but many of these ways are ineffective, not good for us, or time-consuming. The latest technology has revealed a more effective way to enhance our brains with scientifically proven results. Introducing Humm, an adhesive patch you wear on your forehead for 15 minutes to improve your focus. Humm uses a safe technology known as tacks that acts like a conductor for the orchestra to resynchronise the brainwaves that are important for focus and learning. In a controlled study at the University of California Humm was found to improve working memory by 20% compared to a placebo. The Humm patch is already being used to learn new skills and languages, to study, or just to get in the zone. Humm has already been tested by hundreds of people from high-performance executives and business people, medical professionals and scientists, and even students in the US Air Force Academy. Humm uses the latest in neuroscience to help you live a better more engaged life. What would you do with Humm? Register now for early access.




February 5, 2021

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