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KPMG – Corporate Video

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The brief
KPMG approached Studio Orange to create a corporate video that would help promote their new program. The Rise Program helps small and big businesses grow and scale up in WA and Queensland. The program has been backed by both the West Australian and Queensland government in collaboration with Mets Ignited and NERA. This project required us to film interviews and supporting footage in Brisbane and Perth to capture both sides of the program.
As with all our clients Studio Orange collaborated with The Rise Program to storyboard ideas and develop the structure for the video. These storyboarding sessions allow us to understand the client’s goals for the video. With these goals in mind we create interview questions and plan shots that will help showcase the benefits of the program.
We created a 5 minute corporate video that helped give a clear explanation of what the program entails. We were able to capture key testimonials from SMEs who had the opportunity to work with the KPMG mentors.




June 26, 2019

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