Murdoch Universtiy – Enrolment Process 2020

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Murdoch Universtiy – Enrolment Process 2020

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A 2D animated explainer video we completed for Murdoch University regarding their new 2020 Enrolment Process. In light of Covid-19 circumstances, they are adapting their Enrolment Process to give students the best chance at securing their desired course.

By using animation, Murdoch is able to effectively reflect its diverse range of students and build upon their brand awareness with a big splash of colour. These videos are engaging and informative, making even the hardest topics easy to digest.



It’s been a big year. We know the disruptions year 12 experienced in 2020 and we’ve been looking at ways to ensure your entry into unique goes smoothly. For all year 12 students graduating in 2020 and applying to study in 2021 we’re introducing the year 12 uni entry safety net. Here’s how it works. Based on your year 11 subject results, we will predict your Atar and make unconditional offers based on this score. To apply, you’ll need to submit your course application directly to Murdoch University using the portal on our website. Applications open in May. We will be making rolling offers and you should hear from us within a few weeks of your application. Tisk is also working to make sure your disruption is accounted for, so if you score better in your year 12 Atar results you can reapply for a course using your year 12 Atar. At the end of the year we still encourage you to apply using your year 11 results as your application can be updated. If your year 12 Atar score is higher. The year twelve unis entry safety net applies to all courses except veterinary science. We’ll continue to look at the way we support affected students including assessing you in your first year at uni to make sure you’re doing well. We’ll also be creating other entry pathways to ensure everyone is supported in their studies. For more information visit our website. Good luck, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.


Murdoch University


February 4, 2021

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