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Ride The Wave Animation

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Studio Orange worked with Channel 9 to create a TVC animation for a new road safety message. This TVC animation was to encourage better behavior on our roads with the simple gesture of a wave.

We created a dynamic colour scheme and interesting character models for the campaign. Paired with a catchy song, the TVC played on TV’s across metro Perth and even appeared at the Perth Train station on one of their big displays.


Remember seeing the wave from the back seat of the family car as dad raised his forearm to say thanks to the car behind him and it made you feel good? It probably made the other guy feel good too. When did we forget the wave doesn’t seem to happen as much as it used to but what if we brought it back for every act of kindness on the road? Whether you’re driving or riding or just crossing the street, a courtesy wave costs you nothing and it pays the kindness forward for all of WA. We’ve all got somewhere to be but a wave makes the journey more enjoyable. So throw a hand up to say thanks and ride the wave WA.


Channel 9


February 8, 2021

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Adam Auzins