Shareitage – Brand Story

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Shareitage – Brand Story

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The brief

Shareitage creates personal podcasts for family histories, special stories and aural legacies. They approached Studio Orange to create a brand story video that would help potential customers understand the process behind capturing these personal stories. The video was to be used on their website and corresponding social media. A key feeling the client wanted to evoke was a sense of timelessness and sentimentalism.

As with all our clients Studio Orange collaborated with Shareitage to storyboard ideas and develop the story structure for the video. These storyboarding sessions allow us to understand the goals of the video, create a narrative and plan out the visuals that will support this narrative.

We were able to interview a family who worked with Shareitage to help explain the experience their customers will go through. Our interview with both the mother and daughter allowed us to capture personal, unintrusive footage to reflect the Brand’s story and approach. The final video utilises a series close up shots, mixed in with footage of El and her family to place the viewer within. We paired the video with soft background music to accompany El’s powerful words.





September 18, 2019

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