Animation Studio in Perth and Melbourne

What is Animation?

So what is animation? Animation or motion graphics is an art form that focuses on movement and design to tell a visual story. Studio Orange are an animation production company based in Perth and Melbourne who produce quality 2D & 3D animation to deliver dynamic and compelling video content that is designed to tell a story with a purpose or goal to help Australian businesses reach their goals.

Animation is a medium that allows our clients to push the boundaries of what they create. It can convey complex information in an understandable way through video content.

Why use Animation?

Businesses and organisations want to create content that gives them the best chance to effectively engage with their audience. Animated videos are a strong marketing tool that allows businesses to present essential information through an engaging medium. And it’s certainly engaging – video content is everywhere, and consumers are watching more and more of it on a daily basis.

Types of Animations

  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Animation
  • Stop Motion Video
  • Typography / Logo Animation
  • 2D, 3D & Isometric Animation

How Animation Works

Our Perth and Melbourne Animation production teams follow a structured approach to creating and designing Animations. Each animated video starts with the storyboarding phase. We work with our clients to put together a strong narrative for the animation to give it a purpose and tell their story

Next, we create a visual style for the animation which is designed to blend seamlessly with the client’s brand. 

Once the storyboards have been approved by our client and the direction of the visual style has been set, our animators begin designing graphics. Finally, we bring them to life at our studios using latest techniques and technology in animation.

Our Animation Work

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Event Animation
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Explainer Animation, Product Animation

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