Logo Animation

What is a Logo Animation?

A logo animation (or animated logo) simply takes your logo and adds motion graphics or animation to your design. When animating a logo it’s important to keep in mind the company’s values and purpose so that we can translate these ideas into your animation. 

A logo is the visual identification of your brand. It represents the personality of your company/product and plays a significant part in your overall brand recognition. A great logo can help your audience make a connection to your brand.

Animating your logo brings another dimension to this. It enhances this connection by creating a memorable and visually engaging brand.

iPhone Animation

Logo Animation Phone

Why you need a Logo Animation?

Now more than ever, consumers are interacting with brands digitally. Brands can take advantage of this by standing out and leaving a lasting impression as well as legitimising your business.

Animating your logo can help tell your audiences more about your brand. They can get to know the story behind your brand and explain the nature of your business more than a static logo. It helps legitimise your brand by showing customers that you care about how you present yourself. 

Adding an animated logo to your brand is an investment into creating a connection and demonstrating a new level of professionalism.

Discover more about why your business needs needs a Logo Animation in our blog. 

How to Use Logo Animations

Using your animated logo can be done in a number of effective ways; 

  • Email Signatures
  • Video Intro/Outros
  • On your website
  • Social Media

Just by adding motion to your branding, you can elevate your brand to a new level.

Logo Animation is becoming the new standard in branding, as it can explain the nature of your business and enhance the design of the static logo.

For such a small cost this application can have a big visual impact. Send us your logo and we’ll pitch some ideas about how to put it in motion!  

Animated logos are a great entry point into using animation for your marketing, check out some of our other animation work.

Logo Animation Laptop

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