At Studio Orange, a number of our clients ask us, what is the best type of video you guys would recommend us to use for our project?

In this post we’re sharing a few different points of interest regarding the different types, and each has their advantages.



Let’s dive in and take a look at live-action or footage based videos and check out their advantages

  • Personal brand. If you’re selling your product or service, viewers like to make a connection with the person they are dealing with. A real life video can really help make this connection and puts a face to the business. While some people shy away from the camera and prefer to stay behind the scenes (literally!), having your audience see you talk about your business product or service can help establish a connection as they can see the passion and how great your product is based on your enthusiasm and drive behind the business.
  • Interview setting. It goes without saying that interviews are an obvious choice for live-action video types. Studio Orange has done hundreds of interviews and records everything. Including the stuff ups, the laughs, and of course, the real content. Part of the job of the videographer is to make the person on camera to feel as relaxed as possible so we make sure that you feel right at home and can talk about your product as if you were being interviewed, whilst still making the process fun. Plus the out-takes at the end of the process make for a great laugh.
  • Testimonials. Have you got customers who have raved on about your business? Get them to give some testimonials! Testimonials are a great way for an audience to connect with other people in the same boat as they really help convince them that your business is the best they’re looking for and can help potential clients solve their problem. It brings back home the human emotional connection that people make when seeing other people who they can relate with.
  • Flexibility. With real-life footage videos we can setup multiple scenes in different angles, choose best lighting, and so on. In post production, we’ve got multiple sources to work with and can produce an excellent result with the footage that shows you in the best light, from the best angle to your audience.
  • Faster production and turnaround time. When using real-life footage, scenes don’t need to be invented, designed, tested, etc. They are there as soon as the camera records them. As a result, whilst we’ll need a bit more of your time the final product can be delivered faster.

Here is an example of a mostly live-action based video:

With all that’s been said about real-life footage, it would be hard to find a good reason to use animation right? Well I’d love to agree with you, but we’d both be wrong!

In fact, there’s a number of great reasons to use animations too. Stick with me, and continue reading.

  • When complex explanations can be simplified. Sometimes no matter how many words you say and how many hand signals you make and fingers you draw in the air it’s better to put pen to paper and draw something. How many times have you tried to give someone directions only to end up driving a mud map on a piece of paper because it was easier to draw something? Animation can be viewed in a similar fashion. Animations can help simplify complicated systems, workflows, processes and ways to do things very simply.
  • When there is nothing to visually show. Sometimes a business doesn’t have a storefront, a warehouse, or anything to show to the customer, an animation can help. This type of requests usually come to us in the form of apps or online services.
  • Simplify an order of events that cannot be easily captured. If your business is helping others people get complicated things done more simply or is trying to show a workflow and chain of events that happen slowly, this information is usually hard to get on film. An animation can really help in this area as it can clearly and simply identify to a user what the order of events and workflows are.
  • Increase branding (colours, style, character). When Studio Orange designs animations, we want to work with you and your brand to develop your unique animation style. We take a close look at your business branding and work with your styles, colours and any characters you have. For example Studio Orange has a character, Oranje who is the mascot of the business. We can we include him in lots of our marketing and promotional material to help build the Studio Orange branding. In the same fashion we work with you and your business to make use of your branding which increases customer awareness and they can recognise colours and slogans.

Here is an example of an animation based video:

Still not quite sure if you should go with animation or live-action video content? Drop us a line and we’ll happily help you work out what works best for you.