Marketing and Digital Strategies in 2019 are all about connecting and engaging with your customers and audience. We’ve been promoting the benefits of using video content for some time now – with good reason. Video is a powerful tool – it provides a form of media for stories to be told in a manner that the consumer feels is a face-to-face engagement. However, while marketing and branding videos thus far have been effective in communicating a company’s message, it is still essentially a monologue, with a single company, organisation or brand talking to a specific audience

Video content clearly is an effective marketing tool, however, consumer expectations are constantly evolving, looking for new ways to be entertained, engaged and communicated to. When being addressed directly, people naturally respond to one thing more than anything else: their name.

So what if, rather than having a video that is designed to speak to a larger audience, a video could be curated for each individual watching it. Personalisation is a hot topic in the world of marketing and sales; you’ve seen it for a while with campaign based emails addressed to us individually. The entire purpose of creating video content is to tell a story and connect with and end user – by creating a personalised video, you’re telling them a story that is specifically relevant to them, and thus they’re able to further engage in your message. Plug this into a well designed email or lead campaign and you might be onto a winning formula.

By engaging with potential customers on a familiar level; it creates an experience that is unique to them. This unique experience makes people feel special, and that you’re taking the time to speak to them demonstrates your better understanding of their journey and needs.

While the idea of a company producing personalised videos might sound complicated, creating targeted videos doesn’t mean creating thousands of unique videos. Rather, we’re looking to have a few simple variables that can be changed across a template – it doesn’t need to be complex to be effective. With that in mind, here’s a few examples we’ve found that show how it can be achieved.


Probably the brand that’s most synonymous with personalised videos. Facebook very cleverly template their video to highlight anniversaries; whether it be when you joined Facebook or how long you’ve been friends with someone. Having something personal and nostalgic is a great way for Facebook to keep their member base engaged and feeling special.


This personalised video by Oxfam is beautiful in its simplicity. It shows the person whom the video is addressed to, how and who their contributions are affecting. This video; showing faces and communities who are benefitting from the addressee’s help, builds the emotional connection between the viewer more intimately than a video showcasing all of Oxfam’s work.


Nike – Outdo you with Nike+ – Halfmarathon from Goodbye Kansas Studios on Vimeo.

Nike here have used a personalised video to reinforce a connection between themselves and the audience; showing that they are in this journey together and helping track progress towards a goal.


This personalised video by Barclays is more sales-focussed, while still building a close connection between the addressee and the provider. In addition to a better-than-standard welcome to the banks services, it also introduces additional services that are on offer that might be of interest to their new customer.

Personalising videos is easier and more cost effective than you think. If you are looking for personalised videos to help your business, drop us a line.