A great video brief is a key factor in creating a successful marketing video.

Starting a video project can be daunting. You might be challenged with clashing ideas and opinions amongst a team, no set brand style and a lack of understanding of what is needed for a video structure.

A great video brief can be the first step to solve these common challenges and can be an effective way to communicate your initial ideas. Whilst the brief doesn’t have to include every detail of the video itself (this can be determined further into the pre production phase), it’s important that it does cover these key components. 





1. Video Inspiration

The first step in creating a video brief is to find videos in a similar space that inspire you. You can find a full list of our videos on our website or our YouTube channel for inspiration. Start to note down these examples and reflect on why you like them. Whilst you want to avoid replicating the video completely, these examples can be a great detail to include in your initial video brief as they set the tone for the type of video you are going for.

It helps you understand what you like and don’t like; helping to communicate this to the video production company.



2. Style

Both Film and Animation videos can take on many different creative styles.

Animation for example, can take on a realistic style or an abstract style. Whilst realistic is usually the most popular, abstract and stylised animations are increasing in popularity and can be effective in capturing the audience’ attention.

Neither is right or wrong, but it’s important that you put a bit of thought into what you prefer, noting it in the video brief; as this can largely determine the time and costs involved in the project. 


A Realistic Animation Example – KeepAble


An Abstract Animation Example – KeepAble

3. Length

The length of the video is an important factor to note in your video brief. The length can largely determine the cost and timeline of the project so it’s important to finalise this detail in the early stages.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, shorter video lengths are usually more suitable for most projects to maintain the viewers attention.  However, this isn’t always the case.

To determine a suitable length for your video project it’s important to ask yourself: Who will be viewing this video? And: How long are they likely to give their full attention to it? Usually this answers the question, however it’s also important to ask for advice on the best length for your chosen video topic. We’re always happy to help advise on a suitable length, so feel free to reach out to us here. 




4. Added Extras

Extras to a video can often be overlooked in a video brief, however it’s important to consider what you may need now, or in the future require for your video project. 

Extras can include: 

  • Cutdown versions of your Video: These may be required if you want a quick snapshot of what your video is about for online platforms. 
  • Subtitled Versions: Whilst most online platforms provide automated subtitles for videos, sometimes subtitled versions are desirable if you want to ensure accessibility and accuracy for your audience. 
  • Different dimensions: These may be required if you intend to share your video to selected platforms, such as: IGTV, TikTok etc. 
  • Raw Footage Handover, i.e. do you want to keep the raw footage on file in case you need it in the future?



5. Target Audience

Lastly, to ensure everyone is on the same page, noting the proposed target audience in the video brief is crucial. Sharing the target audience helps provide insight into the aim of your video and allows everyone to start working towards the goal that you are hoping for your video to achieve.

To summarise, video briefs can be short and sweet but ideally should include details about: your inspiration, the preferred style, length, other extras and the target Audience.  

If you’re not sure where to start with your video brief, hopefully this blog can give you an idea of a starting point.

We’ve also created a handy Video Brief Templatethat you can use as a template for your next video project.



Click here to download our video brief template to get planning your next Video Project. 



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