Studio Orange has existed for three and a half years now and has always had the same website. That’s why we thought it was time for a new website look.

New Look

With our new website refresh we also decided to update our brand slightly. You might notice we got rid of some of the yellow colour in our brand and have replaced it with a light orange tint. We also integrated a new splatter element, which we call ‘the drip’. The drip is a new asset we came up with as a variation to our exisiting logo splatter. The drip was created to be used in our videos as well as on our website and other visual communications.

Angle Design

You may have noticed the angle of our background video and the drip, we took inspiration from the well known Clapperboard in the film and video production industry.


With our new website being live now, over the next year we’ll be updating our blog regularly. So make sure you check back in every now and then for updates, trends and other news updates from our production team and the video industry.

2018 Let’s do this

Our team is excited for yet another year of being creative and helping you our valued clients to tell visual, emotional, crafted and personal stories through video, animation and

photography. We’re also working on some new product and a new services offering. So stay tuned!

We’re always here for a coffee – so at any time give us a call or send us an email!