Earlier in the year, we were approached by Kate, Holly and the team at The Livestock Collective to create an explainer animation to help educate people about Live Cattle Exports in Australia.


Their goal was to create an animation that would explain the mission of The Livestock Collective in a clear, concise and engaging way. Previously this had been a challenge for them, since there is a lot of information about Live Cattle Exports in Australia. Because of this, they also shared that there are currently a lot of misconceptions around the Live Export Industry and its processes.




It’s always rewarding for Our Team to hear feedback from our clients and understand how their projects are working for them. On this occasion Holly and Kate organically shared this feedback to their social platforms:


Holly: “Thanks to the Studio Orange team for taking our technical jargon and acronyms and turning them into an informative resource. When you are so involved in a topic it can be hard to step back. The meetings and collaboration was such a fun experience. I loved that the team fully embraced learning more along the way.”

Kate: “The guys at Studio Orange were great to work with and fun to bounce ideas around about how to share complex regulation information – highly recommend!”


Who are The Livestock Collective?


The Livestock Collective is a movement and a group of industry representatives whose goal is to come together to, not only improve Live Export conditions but to also help inform and educate the community of the current conditions of Live Export. They provide practical solutions to help benefit all parties involved in the Live Export process.



What was the Animation Process like?


While we have standard Animation process, no two projects are ever the exact same. Our team works with the client to seek out a few major factors that will determine the Production flow and collaboration process.


For The Livestock Collective – it was very much a collaborative approach. Besides our Senior Animator Mike having come from a farming background, this topic was fairly new to us. We first set out to soak up as much information as we could from The Livestock Collective team and brainstorm with them to ensure key points were articulated as effective as possible within the animation. We even learnt some cool facts along the way – like how goats can’t be exported via ship because they get sea-sick!


Practically speaking, we set up multiple meetings and storyboarding sessions to ensure we were understanding the content correctly and communicating that through the visuals and script. It’s true that if you don’t plan, you plan to fail – that’s why the Pre-Production phase is the key to nailing any video project!


From there we got into the production side of things where our Animators took time designing and animating the graphics. We then worked alongside The Livestock Collective team to get it just right before they got to sharing it with the world.


The Livestock Collective



The Final Product


When it comes to animation explainer videos – generally speaking, the shorter the better. While most clients have a lot of valuable information that they’d like to share, it is better to cut it down as much as possible in order to ensure maximum viewer engagement.

The final video was short, sweet & engaging. It is an ideal resource for them to be able to play in many different contexts and settings to help give their ‘elevator pitch’ of how the Livestock Industry has put processes and procedures in place to improve live cattle exports.


You can watch the full video below!



We had a great time working with The Livestock Collective. We really love the fun 2D style we landed on as well as the way in which it was delivered through a thorough and succinct script. This was all because of a great collaborative process.  Thank you Kate, Holly and The Livestock Collective team for the awesome collaboration!


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