Chris chats to the Creative Team 

As the newest member of the Studio Orange team I have tasked myself with getting to know my new coworkers.
I want to give an inside look into what I found out about the creative team and how they came to work at Studio Orange.

This week Studio Orange is celebrating all things animation. So who better to get to know then our Senior Animator, Adam.

Adam Auzins Teamphoto - Studio Orange Senior AnimatorAs the Senior Animator you have a number of responsibilities how do you go about starting your day?

Coffee trip first before anything else. Then I dive into whatever is next on my list, whether it’s creating storyboards, designing graphics or animation. I also make sure the rest of the team is on task and has stuff to do.


Why Animation? 

Animating is my greatest passion. I love making stuff come to life in fun and dynamic ways. You can do so much with animation, from telling compelling stories to explaining complicated concepts.



What is your favourite thing about working at Studio Orange?

I love that I get to do what I enjoy as a career. I get to work on a wide range of projects with clients across governments through to small businesses. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I see a happy client when delivering a final video.



You seem to take on a number of interns, what advice would you give them if they wanted to work at Studio Orange?


Keep working on your stuff. Put together a showreel and a portfolio to show us what you can do. It’s a tough industry, but one that rewards hard work and creativity.


I want to know more about who you are outside of work, so if you could give me your top movie recommendation?

I’m a big fan of classic horror movies, so anything by John Carpenter, especially “The Thing”. Otherwise, anything from Taika Waititi like “What We Do In The Shadows”.


Are you binging any shows right now?

I’m working my way through Bojack Horseman again for the third time. Great animation.

Adam is someone filled with passion, talking to him about his work really showed me how much he loves what he does. It’s this drive that makes him such a great animator. He is constantly looking to improve his skills and create better outcomes for his projects. If you want to learn more about Adam’s passion for animation check out his blog on Spark Animation 2019

Keep an eye out on our social channels this week as we will be posting all things animation.