Chris chats to the Creative Team 

As the newest member of the Studio Orange team I have tasked myself with getting to know my new coworkers.
I want to give an inside look into what I found out about the creative team and how they came to work at Studio Orange.
So to get the ball rolling I thought it would be best to start at the top.
I sat down with our fearless leader Nanda to tell us more about herself, what a typical day looks like and tips for people wanting to work at Studio Orange.

Nanda and Bille

Obviously everyday is different but what does a typical day for you look like? 

My days tend to be a mix of tasks. When I get to the office I catch up on emails, have storyboarding sessions, have client meetings with new and existing clients, check-up on the team and projects statuses, issue invoices and quotes, give project feedback, write scripts, work on our website and marketing activity, look for and develop long term business opportunities & strategies and occasionally go out on video shoots. 


Was becoming a Managing Director always on the cards for you? 

I always knew I wanted to run a company or business. I never expected it to be a video business. Looking back at it now after 5 years though, it makes total sense considering the mix of skills needed. I didn’t specifically choose this role though, the role kind of chose me and I grew into it over the years. 


What is your favourite thing about working at Studio Orange? 

My favourite thing about working at Studio Orange is that I get challenged on a daily basis and learn many new skills, constantly.

My role is very varied and I think my favourite thing is the variety. It’s a great mix of creativity, strategic thinking, analysing numbers, managing teams and projects and overseeing the business growth. So really that’s two favourite things… 


As someone who was recently in this position, what advice would you give to someone wanting to work at Studio Orange? 

I want to write, ‘don’t be a $%#$^@% ‘

But really it comes down to being human, honest, relatable, having the right attitude, being humble, wanting to work in a creative team and last but not least: willing to learn from others and constantly improve your skills.

Oh yes and one more thing, don’t be precious about projects – feedback is what will make you better in your field!


If you could drop everything and go travelling, where would you go? 

Peru, I want to hike the Machu Picchu trail. Although considering we’re expecting our first baby this might not happen soon. So instead, I’d love to visit New Zealand and travel around the islands in a camper van over the next summer holiday.


This might be a difficult choice but what is your go-to meal?

If I’m cooking: Mexican Fish Taco’s with chipotle mayo, coleslaw and lime.

If I’m going out for food: a Cheeseburger with balsamic onions, avocado and a side of chips at my favourite burger place.

I got a deeper insight into Nanda’s day to day, what she looks for in new team members, and her burger order.
I want to thank Nanda for taking the time to allow me to get to know her a little better.
Next up I will be talking to our Senior Animator Adam (also goes by Razzmatazz).