Chris chats to the Creative Team 

I recently have tasked myself with interviewing the creative team to find out more about my coworkers and how they came to work at Studio Orange.

This week I speak to Katie, our Production Coordinator. Katie is the organiser of the team; always one to take on a new workplace challenge.


As our production coordinator you handle a lot of different roles within the business. Can you give a description of what you handle day to day?

So each day can look a little different for me – which I love! Practically speaking my days involve a lot of calls & emails with clients, quoting, storyboard sessions and spending time building our online presence however… i’d say to summarise my role, it comes down to communication.
I communicate with our team regarding projects and I communicate with clients to confirm what outcome they are hoping to achieve through their project. In a creative sphere it’s very easy to have miscommunications, so as a Production Coordinator I hope to avoid that by being intentional about maintaining communication across all of our processes.


When did you come to work at Studio Orange? Have you always had an interest in video production?

I came to work at Studio Orange at the very beginning of this year. I’ve definitely always had an interest in Media; having done Creative Industries Media in Senior School, then pursuing Journalism at University and getting involved in Wedding and Event Photography/Videography in recent years. I love the experience of working with a team of video creators. They have so many amazing ideas that I get to hear and learn from. It’s a great industry to be a part of; there’s never a dull moment!


You are someone who seems to really enjoy handling new challenges and responsibilities, can you talk about how that has helped you in this role?

I’m very glad that it comes across that way because if i’m honest my natural reaction is to dread new challenges and responsibilities! Haha. In saying that, I have learnt to see the value in challenges, choosing to run towards them rather than away. I’ve realised the main cause of growth for me is in fact challenge and responsibility; both in the workplace and personally. I will add though that I think challenges are meant to be faced as a team. I’m constantly utilising the skills of both myself and my teammates to overcome obstacles that we face daily. I can’t stress enough how much teamwork helps both productivity but also general satisfaction that I get out of the job.

We are constantly being asked about how to break into this industry, what advice would you have for someone who is trying to find work in a place like Studio Orange?
My advice would be to keep pursuing your craft as both a hobby and as a vocation. In trying to break into the industry it’s easy to lose your passion in the process. The best way to avoid this is to keep engaging with like minded people; share your work, get feedback and also try and improve your skills as much and wherever possible. There’s always going to be someone that’s better than you but if you’re passionate – that’s always going to capture someone’s attention.


Now to get to know you a little better, what’s one thing in your life you couldn’t live without?
Without getting too deep and cheesy and saying my husband (cue the awws), I’d probably have to say YouTube! I can (and DO) literally spend hours upon hours watching videos on there and to be honest, I’m not mad about it. I’ve gained so many useful (and maybe not so useful) skills. I.e learning how to clean an oven, how to perfect cat-eye eyeliner to even things like – virtually travelling with someone to a different country through VLOGS. Pretty cool! I would hate to live without this great social platform now.


And for all the people still stuck working from home, what show are you binging right now that you would recommend and why?
Lately I’ve been binge watching “The Crown” on Netflix. Firstly I would recommend it to anyone purely based on the acting & filming quality; they are second to none!  But what I love most about ‘The Crown’ is while it’s focussed on the royal family, you don’t necessarily need to be a royal fan to watch it.  The episodes are each focused on a world event at the time and how the royals had a part to play in it.  I’ve found myself learning about history as well as being entertained – which if you’re both a history buff & diagnosed netflix-binger like me; it’s the best of both worlds!


Katie does such a great job at bringing the team together. She is always making sure we are communicating with one another to build a stronger team.

Katie helps run our Social Channels. Check out her great work here.