Why your Business needs an Explainer Animation

Have you ever tried to quickly explain your business, career or even instructions on the side of a box to then find that all that comes out is a jumbled, confusing mess? Sometimes we need to effectively communicate a complex message in a quick and succinct manner, which can be difficult without the proper approach.

For businesses who want to make an impression on a prospective client, animation is the tool to use. An explainer animation helps break down your information into accessible and easily understandable content.


What is the Purpose of an Explainer Animation

To put it simply, they are made to explain. To explain concepts, ideas, products or services that can sometimes be too complex or tedious to put in writing.

An explainer animation can be done in a number of ways. For example, take the explainer animation we created for Humm Technologies. Using the simple analogy of an orchestra, we were able to show what happens to the brain with age and how Humm helps to solve this problem. The visuals and voice over work together to create a fun and funky 90 second video that gives a clear explanation of the product’s functions and benefits.



Having an explainer video on your website serves a number of purposes. For a start, it draws in consumers and keeps them on your page for longer. 83% of business owners say their homepage explainer video is an effective marketing tool. It acts as an elevator pitch for your business; letting you detail your products and services in a short amount of time.


Why are Explainer Animations Effective?

Video is the highest performer of all marketing content. There is no question that it is a tool all businesses should utilise. Animation is a massive part of that, it lets you tell your story in a creative and different way, as well as being able to create scenes for features that otherwise might be too costly to do in film.

Animation is such an effective tool for ongoing, creative marketing. Explainer animations offer an entry level to your brand that is effective for new, existing and future customers. It is a low-cost solution that requires very little time and resources. They can provide viewers with insight into your personality and your values through the way you choose to represent your brand.

Some businesses spend thousands on creating an ideal brand for their target audience and feel that once this is complete their job is done. However, effective brand marketing requires a constant stream of content.


Explainer Videos Simplify the Complex

The job of an explainer is to simplify the complex. They draw in customers and present a simple, creative visual that makes clear points and tells a strong narrative.

An explainer animation helps provide your audience with more information. In this animated explainer we created for Murdoch University, prospective students are told all about the Enrolment Process in an attractive and dynamic way.



The Enrolment Process can be daunting for any student. We worked closely with Murdoch to distill the information about the Year 12 Safety net into easy-to-understand points. The viewer is taken on a journey to learn more about the process and is provided with chunks of information one bit at a time. This video is then supported by a number of other resources that provide further information for those interested (drawing audiences into their website).

Why You Need an Explainer Video

If you sell products, offer service or value to customers then you could benefit significantly from creating an explainer animation, particularly if it’s hard to explain to people. It’s a form of content that provides depth and information into any area of your business, and one that is becoming increasingly popular as brands begin to see its growing benefits.

What your explainer animation is about is up to you, it might be an area of your business that people have difficulty understanding or an overarching brand video detailing what your business does differently.

Incorporating animation into your online presence can seem daunting, but working with the right team is the first step. At Studio Orange, we specialise in working with small businesses to help them stand out in their respective industries. Our team collaborates with you throughout the whole process to give you the best possible chance to succeed.

If you’re interested in exploring how animation can help your business, get in touch with us today so we can start brainstorming ideas with you.