Chris chats to the Creative Team 

I recently have tasked myself with interviewing the creative team to find out more about my coworkers and how they came to work at Studio Orange.

Today I sat down with Nikayla, our Animator & Designer. Nikayla is a brilliant animator, a ‘silent assassin’ if you will; working quietly but quickly; helping to maintain our productivity and animation work quality. We are lucky to have her as part of the team.

For those who might not know what animators do, can you give us some insight into a usual day at the office?

As part of the animation team we are always discussing the many projects we have going at once and constantly reviewing each other’s work to make sure it is at its very best. We work with clients to bring their ideas to life and create a style unique to their brand.


You are an extremely creative person and it comes through in your work. Have you always wanted to become an animator?

I have always had a pencil in my hand and quickly became fascinated with the behind the scenes of any and all animated films. It was a career path that I never even questioned.


What is your favourite thing about working at Studio Orange?

I work with amazing people where we are able to collaborate in an open and creative environment. Everyone is so supportive and wants each other to become better animators so we are always learning from one another.


As the most recent graduate in the office what advice would you give to aspiring animators?

Be passionate about your work and stay inspired by the many different styles you come across in animations. Be willing to take on constructive feedback, it will make you a better animator.


What’s one thing in your life you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without my sketchbook! It follows me absolutely everywhere.


Where is next on your list to travel?

China is definitely at the top of my list, I find the language and culture really interesting.



Nikayla brings a lot of banter to the office. With each project she becomes a stronger animator with more confidence in her work. See some of her latest work here

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