Last November we were approached by the team at Fringe World Festival to create three advertisements for their yearly event held in Perth. We were tasked with animation production and mixing live action with animation for a variety of formats, including the Yagan Square display. Here is an overview of the videos we created, the process we followed and the approach we took to deliver a suitable final video for its purpose!


Teaser Video 

The first advertisement was to be a mix of both animation and film. The team was challenged with building excitement and hype around the event and creating a distinct look and feel in the motion elements, by using the 2020 style guide and graphics provided. We collaborated with the key Fringe Marketing team to achieve their desired outcome. This collaboration started from the initial briefing to refining the storyboards through to finding a suitable music track and footage and finalising the full video. We were provided with footage from the previous 2018/2019 Fringe World Festival and mixed this with animated elements to create a 30 second promotional video to be shared across their social pages.


Banner Ad – Gift Vouchers

The  other video we worked on for Fringe 2020 was a Digital Billboard Advertisement to be displayed at Yagan Square and throughout display screens across shopping centres in Perth in the lead up and commencement of Fringe World Festival. The purpose of the banner ads was the announcement of the festival approaching and highlighting the opportunity to buy gift vouchers around Christmas time 2019. The banner ad uses Fringe’s 2020 graphical style guide and includes motion graphics.



Fringefeed Yagan Square Banner

The third video we worked on with the Fringe team was the Fringe Feed banner ad, displayed on Yagan square during the festival. The purpose of this video was to attend visitors to the Fringefeed to leave their reviews, feelings and emotions after viewing a show. This project saw a fast turn-around to have the banner up on the screen quickly during the festival.



After completing these projects we reviewed our collaboration by sending a series of questions to our contact at Fringe World. Our aim with these questions was to better understand the scope and impact of these projects so that we could improve our process for future clients. In a creative workplace, we understand that feedback is crucial and improvement should always be at the forefront of everything we do. 

We were so happy to find out that the Fringe World team were satisfied with the level of work that they received. Khazia outlined that they were “happy with the returns on investments throughout the 2019 and 2020 advertising campaigns. Satisfied with the pricing, responsiveness and animated outcomes in particular.” 

Khazia also gave us detailed insight into the social media analytics of the 30 second promotional video that was posted to their social channels. Here are the results:

Fringe World engagement infographic


See below to see the full case study. 

Why did you decide to work with Studio Orange?

Initially sighted in the Campaign Brief Directory and then chosen as a supplier through positive word of mouth recommendations.

Work completed for us by the studio during the 2019 campaign demonstrated fast turnaround times and individuals responded to briefs really well. Solid outcomes in 2019 and competitive pricing guided our decision to re engage and boost the studios involvement for the 2020 campaign.


What did you achieve through this campaign/project?

The animated content helped us to maximise the impact of our brand in various media buys throughout our 2020 advertising campaign. 


What is your favourite part of our process? Why?

We like how you guys interpret a brief for animated outcomes. The responsiveness of your team is also amazing and compliments our often tight deadlines.


Do you think the investment in this product was worthwhile? Why?

Yes we are happy with the returns on investments throughout the 2019 and 2020 advertising campaigns. Satisfied with the pricing, responsiveness and animated outcomes in particular.


We are so pleased with the outcome of the collaboration and will take what we have learned about the process into our future film & animation production processes.  Customer satisfaction is key and is largely enabled by effective communication between our production team and our clients and we truly believe that is why this project was so successful. We are pleased to be progressing on the journey of becoming the best film & video animation company we can be. This project showcases a few of the many ways both Perth & Melbourne businesses can utilise animation to promote themselves. If you are interested in starting an animation project get in touch with us through our website or give us a call to chat in more detail.