5 Reasons Why Melbourne Businesses Should Incorporate Video Content

We thought we’d dig a little deeper into the why behind video production for Melbourne businesses. 

At Studio Orange we see firsthand the benefits of using video-storytelling to Melbourne businesses we work with. We’ve put together what we believe to be the five biggest reasons why businesses should incorporate (and budget for) video content.


1. Videos are a simple & effective way to communicate with clients.

Everyone’s time is valuable and we want to spend the free time we do have engaging with content we feel is engaging. Videos provide an engaging medium for communicating information. 

As the saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words” so how much more can be said about a video. Videos are a highly effective way of communicating information to an audience in a compact amount of time. Videos can be both filmed and animated. They can be used to communicate messages through body language, setting, choice of characters, script, colours, amount of detail etc. By incorporating video content into your marketing, you are choosing to build your brand and engage your clients in a more effective way. But it’s not just Marketing where video can add value, the possibilities are endless. From training, inductions, internal communications and workflow processes.


Our Senior Video Producer Ben capturing footage for a brand video


2. Social Media video content builds brand awareness

Creating video content for your brands social media platform can help to improve popularity and reputation. When it comes to following a brand on a social platform such as Instagram users want to see stories they can engage and align with. Storytelling through video is a powerful marketing tool that when used correctly will draw in viewers and allow businesses to boost their presence. Videos can aid the look of a social page, helping to improve the quality of posts and in turn the respectability of a business. Your social media followers are your audience and video storytelling a powerful way to communicate with them directly to build a great reputation for your business.

Videos on social media can also help to put a face to your brand. Brand videos featuring the people who work in a business or organisation can make that business come across more human.  Video content is a medium that allows our clients to push the boundaries of what they create and it is a unique way of not only connecting with your audience but also expanding it.



3. Explainer Videos are seriously effective.

Explainer videos are a seriously effective way of simplifying a complex message. They can have the potential to save time, energy and money for staff and clients. 

An example of this is training videos or induction videos. How much time and money could be saved by creating a training video for new workers at a particular business rather than paying for the time of a teacher to relay the same information over and over again? Especially in business/corporate environments where OHSE Management is critical. Video content can be a superb way of improving a business respectability and reliability. 

Explainer videos allow businesses to quickly and easily tell their brand story in a memorable way. Many businesses have difficulty explaining their products/services to potential customers. Studio Orange helps Australian businesses create compelling animated videos that provide viewers with a clear and concise message in a visually interesting way.


Explainer video we completed for Murdoch University

Explainer video we completed for Murdoch University

4. It’s one of the best marketing tools

At Studio Orange we work with our clients to understand their goals and plans for the video to make sure it’s part of a successful strategy. A key part of this process is understanding your audience, by knowing the audience we can create the types of videos that will best engage with them.

Monitoring the performance of the video is an important part of the process. Based on the goal for the video there are a number of metrics to measure to determine the success of the video. Metrics such as; View count, engagement, conversion rate, sharing, feedback and cost. For example if your goal is ‘building brand awareness’ then the metrics to focus on would be view count, engagement and actions taken after watching the video.  

Not only do videos help to engage people whilst looking at your website, or social pages, but they can help to improve your search engine optimisation on google and other search platforms. Studies have shown that websites that have video embedded can have an 80% increase in conversion rates.


5. To build trust

Videos are an effective way to build rapport and gain trust from existing and potential clients. High quality videos can evoke strong emotions within people when constructed following  a narrative to convey a specific message. Think back to some of the best ads you have seen on TV and how even now you still remember them.

Your ‘brand’ in the simplest terms, is how someone feels about your organisation. We can create videos that evoke feelings within viewers to position your brand in a positive light and attract customers. 

Video content is a strong tool to market a brand. It allows us to engage with our audience, and create content for a range of platforms. Whatever your budget; big or small, there are ways to incorporate videos into your business strategy. Even by simply pulling out your phone to post on social media is a way video can be used to promote your business and engage clients. We want to work with Melbourne businesses to help them tell their stories through videos. Get in touch with us through our website or give us a call to chat in more detail.